Ohio Center for Effective Program Intervention, LLC

The referring criminal justice professional can determine the best fit program for the individual, choosing from 17 adult courses and 8 juvenile courses....and counting, group facilitation and self-directed in-house groups. 

The combination of (1) lifeskills.com, (2) evidence-based cognitive curriculum, (3) meeting offender's criminogenic needs, (4) the home study format, (5) assisting users in becoming more change oriented has proven to be a powerful deterrent against crime. 

Flexible,  user friendly services and programming that can be applied to a wide range of criminal thinking and behavior which provides offenders courses that relates to his/her situation and criminogenic need. Provides convenient courses that does not interfere with scheduling conflicts, transportation barriers and childcare responsibilities. 


Evidence- based, cognitive restructuring life skills courses and programs to help those in the criminal justice system to overcome self- defeating thoughts and behaviors.